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My name is Rafael Kague and I am here to show the best way to prepare yourself to live the best future you can plan.

My Story

I have been a financial planning specialist in Brazil for eight years. I was responsible in delivering the annual budget and quarter forecast but also monthly task such as closing, reports, presentations, and some studies on demand (modeling new products or pricing new contracts). My routine did not rely only in financial matters, I was also responsible for engaging other department and managers into company`s goals and culture to achieve the indicators and then the strategic plan.

There were times where different projects were assigned to me, for instance the adoption of a new methodology for controlling expenses (matrix expenses and budgeting). I had projects out of the financial scope too, such as an ERP implementation, design of business process improvements and their application, auditing contracts. Moreover, I have developed a great rapport with managers and analysts who were involved in other departments such as operations, sales, marketing, IT and more but also in external consultants and suppliers.

Help business and people with the plans and projects is my main goal in life. There is no better way to follow than write your concious path.

What I Do

There is no future without a good plan. You don’t need to live worried about what is coming. You deserve to have someone you can count on.

Personal Planning

Re-defining ‘financial planning’ so that you are using your money how and when you want, to do the things you want.  When you want to know how much you have, how much you need and what’s possible, you need a plan.

Business Planning

Businesses reflect not only the owner’s dreams and plans, they also take on a life of their own, as economies, employees and technologies change.  My job is to provide answers to all your dilemmas.

Development Field

This is an exploratory area for clients who are interested in charitable giving. Clients and others who had a desire to give but didn’t know how or where to give.  

Need Advice?

Don’t take a wrong path without sure. You deserve to have someone to discuss your plans.

Blog and Articles

This space is my passion. I like to write and prepare some materials that can help you to understand better the finance world. All for free. 

Just help yourself!


“ Rafael helped me to find a good way to plan my future, to save some money and to be done with my debts that I was dealing for years. It’s good to have someone to count on about money. ”

Gisele Soares

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